Dadakarides Salt SA is a company with experience and specialization in salt for 100 years now. The knowledge of the product is transmitted from one generation to another and provides at the company’s human resources the absolute know-how in the existing applications and the capabilities.
Moreover, within last decate, the company increases steadily its exports to the Balkans and EU countries, enlarging this way the market share abroad.
Always with respect to the management of such a precious good and the activity of four generations on processing and trading of salt, Dadakarides SA, assigned to one of the leading companies in Balkan countries.
We provide salt products for: food industries and laboratories, bakery, pickles, olive processing, salted nuts, canning, sausage, meet processing, health food, poultry, animal feed, dyeing industries, water softening, tanneries, de-icing roads, salt industries and further processing, chemicals, fertilizers, water treatment in hotels, hospitals etc, soaps and detergents production, paper processing, pharmaceutical applications, bath salts and many more.

Company's history

 Dadakarides SA founded in 1912 by Constantine Arg. Dadakarides as a small unit of manual processing. In 1930 passed to his son Argiris. In 1963, Argiris son, Themistokles, is taking the lead and transfers the company in new, modern headquarters at the industrial area of west Thessaloniki. Continuing the tradition Themistocles’s daughter, Eleftheria Dadakarides, participates in the company on a management position since 1992.


 Dadakarides SA has as a main purpose the excellent service and top quality products. Furthermore, since 2002, it is qualified by the quality management system ISO 9001:2008


 Our modern, owned facilities are covering an area of 24.000 sq,m. and the mechanical equipment of 3 stages latest technology, are helping company’s capacity this way so we can reach the 100.000 tons annually, having the 40-50% of the domestic market on salt industry


Dadakarides S.A. Salt Industry
2nd Klm Lagadas - Kolhiko
57200 Lagadas, Thessaloniki
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